Why Outsource to Zenics Ventures?

Customers are regularly busy with their everyday jobs and high priority ventures. Subsequently, they do not find time to do leads generation or internet research or data process in the midst of their routine activities. So, what would be the top solution for this? - The best thing is to outsource the project to a well reputed service provider and can assist customers to get back on their way with qualitative work & fast turnaround time.

Zenics Ventures is an extremely dedicated firm with excellent proficiency in B2B Sales Leads Generation, Web/Market Research and Data Management solutions. We have been in business over a decade and we provide extensive business support in various markets such as real estate, health care, finance, media, telecom and many more. Our proficiency in providing quality results with fast turnaround time gives our customer's businesses a fast growth. We assure world class services bounded together with high security procedures. We keep your records and information in 100% safe environment. We maintain all necessary secure backup solutions for all data.

What we do?

We are helping our customers to improve their business in terms of productivity, process efficiency and saving money through our latest strategies in outsourcing services. We can assist our customers in reducing operational expenses and produce new income streams through our cutting edge business solutions. We support all of our global customers by providing enhanced business operations in Sales Leads Generation, Market/Web Research and Data Management solutions.


Building mailing list is one of the least expensive way to improve the business. Having a mailing list for the business is an excellent method to grow strong business associations with both prospects and customers, which in turn it helps to make the firm more profitable over long period. Along with the below segments, we widely support all kinds of markets and industries. We bring our extreme level of experiences in B2B list building services. We focus on building sales leads, company databases and B2B lists for our clients across globe. We do pay close attention towards list buildings to ensure that the outcome of results to be with 100% quality.

  • General Practitioners - USA

  • Medical Device Manufacturers - USA

  • Pharmaceutical Companies - USA

  • Dietitians - Australia

  • Private Hospitals - Australia

  • Law Firms - USA

  • Attorneys - USA

  • Law Colleges & Universities - USA

  • Lawyers - UK

  • Law Consulting Agencies - UK

  • Accounting - VP/Director - Canada

  • CFO - Accounting Firms - Canada

  • Accounting Firms - UK

  • CPA Firms - Australia

  • Payroll Firms - USA

  • Realty Agents - USA

  • Real Estate Firms - USA

  • Real Estate Firms - UK

  • Realty Firms - Canada

  • Realty Companies - Australia


Web Research increases statistical power of the business for all types of companies. With the help of internet research, we can collect statistical information about the business, provide you the completely analysed report, implement and grow your business. We analyse each layer of the process and provide you the report with best results. We make your business to work in a smart and effective way. We support you to change your business into an improved, cost efficient and time accomplished active system.

  • Market Research

  • Company Research

  • Healthcare Research

  • Academic Research

  • Property Research

  • Product Research

  • Journal Research

  • Stocks Research

  • Finance Research

  • Articles Research

  • Leads Research

  • Contacts Research

  • Agents/Brokers Research

  • Revenue Research

  • Executive Research

  • Ecommerce Research

  • Social Media Research

  • Content Research

  • Online Directory/Database Research

  • Online Surveys Research


Data Management always has its own group of challenges in accomplishing the specific tasks. At Zenics Ventures, we know that the data with accuracy and quality is important to the effective operations of your organization. We have renowned resources and with an experience of over a decade, we provide error free results on time. When your project demands high accuracy, quick turnaround time and a better cost efficiency, then we are the right service provider to outsource your data management requirements. We also give superior attention to your valuable information with high privacy and confidentiality security policies.

  • Data Entry - Online/Offline

  • Data Mining

  • Data Collection

  • Data Conversion - OCR

  • Data Cleansing

  • Data Capturing

  • Data Abstraction

  • Copy Typing

  • Web Data Scraping

  • Data Extraction

  • Data Appending

  • Products Listing

  • Properties Listing

  • Back-Office Support

  • Admin Support

  • Forms Processing - Online/Offline

  • Ad Posting

  • Invoice/Receipts/Bills Data Entry

  • Image Data Entry

  • Document Data Entry